Civil Society Manifesto 2022

(Lugano Declaration)

Civil Society Manifesto 2022(Lugano Declaration)

While recognising our diversity and differences of opinion, we want to declare common principles and a framework for the future, for which millions of Ukrainians risk their lives every day. Any decisions on the future system and rebuilding of Ukraine must meet the following criteria: 


Ukraine is a state with a European identity that shares common values and history with other European nations and considers itself part of the European family.


Ukraine is a representative democracy with a competitive political process, political elites that rotate through a legal procedure, fair and free elections, freedom of speech and independent media, protected human rights, and capable local self-governance.


Ukraine is an open market economy with equal rules for everyone, and minimal state intervention constrained by law.


Ukraine is a protected area for the development of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar cultures, as well as of the present diversity of different cultures and identities.


Ukrainians are involved in decision-making process about their future at all levels. All decision-making processes are transparent and participatory. Decisions are discussed and made with a view to their long-term consequences.


No one has a monopoly on decisions that affect everyone. Civil society is an important tool for citizens to participate in public life. National and local governments are open to interaction with civil society.